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It's all about Real-time. PennyStream is the best in streaming real-time penny stocks!
If your trading penny stocks- you must have PennyStream!

what is pennystream?

Developed specifically for penny stocks, PennyStream is one-of-a-kind and delivers streaming real-time market data and research information in an easy-to-use trade terminal style interface.PennyStream features tick-by-tick lightning fast real-time market data, research information, news, detailed quoting and charting.

PennyStream includes a preloaded list of the Top 100 most active penny stocks for the OTCBB exchange and the Top 100 most active penny stocks for the OTC exchange (pink sheets). With unmatched depth of content, functionality and ease of use, PennyStream provides all of market data and research information you need to plan and execute the best penny stock investment strategies.
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About us

A team of active penny stock traders who saw a need, therefore developed the best penny stocks tool for streaming real-time and PennyStream was born... View More »

Why real time penny stocks?

PennyStream provides real-time quotes at your fingertips, which can make a huge difference in how fast you are able to respond to the penny stock market. With fluctuations in the penny stock market, you can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date content. Time lost can make the difference between making money or losing money..
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Technical Requirements.
Available on any computer and most smart phones for the mobile app. More »

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It's all about real time!